Carbon County Fire Protection District

For the Unincorporated Areas of
Carbon County, Wyoming

Taking Better Care of Our Community, Because They Take Care of Us


What is the Difference Between a Fire Department and a Fire District?

A fire department is typically an organization responsible for providing firefighting services to a specific jurisdiction, such as a city or town. It may also offer emergency medical services, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, and other related services.

A fire district is a special taxing district established to fund and manage fire protection and emergency services within a defined area. Fire districts often have their own governing board, budget, and authority to levy taxes for fees to support their operations.

The Carbon County Fire Protection District provides structural fire protection, wildland fire protection, highway rescue/extrication, water rescue, emergency medical service first responder, hazardous materials response, and public education for an area covering 7964 Square Miles. CCFPD also responds to industrial fires and emergencies, including confined space rescue. 

What are the Advantages to Carbon County with a Fire District?

The Greatest advantage of a Fire District is all monies generated are specifically for one major purpose: Fire and Rescue. A fire District means adequate funding, better and more consistent training for firefighters, and support for municipal departments.

A district allows for:

  • Quicker response time through personnel scheduling and better equipment.
  • Potentially improve the Insurance Services Organization Rating to lower insurance premiums for county residents living within 5 miles of a fire station.
  • Lessen liabilities through better compliance with required regulations.
  • Compliance with National, State and local requirements for fire reporting.
  • Most Fire Department Chiefs support a Fire District Concept.
  • 3 of the 5 County Commissioners live outside City / Town limits and support a Special District based on firsthand knowledge of the benefits.
  • Frees up moneys from the fire department budget to be used for other county budgeted items.

How much does a District Cost?