Carbon County Fire Protection District

For the Unincorporated Areas of
Carbon County, Wyoming

Taking Better Care of Our Community, Because They Take Care of Us

About Us

Only property owners and businesses in the unincorporated areas of Carbon County pay for the fire protection district.

The fire protection district levies the maximum 3 mills in the unincorporated districts.

If you are a registered voter of unincorporated Carbon County, you have a voice to select the 5-member board.


Budget constraints and shortfalls make it difficult to appropriately fund these services. A fire district will add sustainable funding and can offset the rise in costs and volatility in the county revenues in the status quo.

Fire departments and divisions provide structural fire protection, wildland fire protection, highway rescue/extrication water rescue, emergency medical service first responder, hazardous materials response, and public education for an area covering 7,964 square miles. Additionally, they respond to industrial fires and emergencies, including confined space rescue.

Mission and Values

The Carbon County Fire Protection District is committed to protecting the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of your county with dedication, compassion, and integrity with strategic growth and efficiency.


In 2014, the history of the Carbon County Fire Protection District saw a pivotal moment when a crucial vote was held to establish its presence within the community. With a county-wide electorate totaling 846 voters, the proposition faced both anticipation and scrutiny. Despite a compelling push for establishment, the vote fell short, encountering 646 dissenting ballots against the measure, while 382 individuals supported the initiative. Although the margin was narrow, the resolution failed by a difference of 82 voters, marking a notable chapter in the journey toward establishing the Carbon County Fire Protection District.